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After also learning he's going after Itachi, the two resolve to search for Itachi and use him as bait for Sasuke, becoming part of the Eight Man Squad.

When Sakura is immobilized by Gaara 's sand, Naruto fights Gaara with promising himself and Sasuke entrusting him that he would save her [Sakura] no matter what. Japanese idol gravure. When Naruto discovers that Jiraiya has been killed, Sakura tries to stop him from leaving the meeting in frustration, even trying to reason with Tsunade to let her go follow him.

Naruto then interrupts the battle by rushing immediately towards Sakura; catching her. Sakura haruno kiss naruto. Naruto then admits that he met Orochimaru while looking for Tsunade, much to her surprise, and that he[Orochimaru] desires Sasuke. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected.

Naruto still can't believe Sakura would do it and, along with the fact all of his friends agree to kill Sasuke to prevent him from getting Konoha involved in a war, Naruto hyperventilates and passes out.

Going on to say that despite not knowing both of Naruto and Sakura well and not being able to understand feelings, Sai stated that he could tell that Naruto loved her, leaving Sakura shocked. While removing the poison from his body, Naruto comes into the scene and is shown to be impressed. Hinata thought that it would have been deserved. Naruto Uzumaki Couples Things Forwards. Although she scolds him for doing such a thing, Sakura's inner self is shown to approve of this.

Although Sakura is worried at first, she eventually chooses to trust him and lets Obito transfer Kurama's chakra into Naruto, saving his life. Sakura haruno kiss naruto. Megan fox lookalike. Growing worried, she thinks to herself about Naruto and exclaims that he shouldn't do too much. Thankful, Sakura turns to watch Naruto and gives him a smile.

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And his special Sexy Jutsu. Pussy fuking pics. It is most likely supported due to Naruto's feelings for Sakura up until the Five Kage Summit arc and the development of their friendship throughout the series. The group is approached by Konohamaru Sarutobi and his team and Konohamaru asks Naruto if Sakura was his girlfriend.

When Naruto chastises everyone for not understanding the jinchuriki, Sakura worriedly looks at him and says his name. Sakura haruno kiss naruto. Surprised, Naruto teases her if it was a date. So, I decided to do something about it without turning it into a Fix Fic. Her cousin, Neji, would have activated the family's kekkei genkai, the Byakugan, and let the threatening look do the talking.

Sakura and her teammate then watch in horror as Naruto attacks the enemy ninja. After Haku reveals his true gender to Naruto, a stupefied Naruto says to himself that Haku is otherwise prettier than Sakura in disbelief.

Naruto is quickly shown to lose consciousness from time to time to the point of almost being hit by a branch, which Sakura notices.

Later on, Naruto meets Haku while sleeping alone in the forest, and tells Haku that he is training to impress someone, referring to Sakura. Your email address will not be published. So sexy escorts. While Sakura is sitting alone healing herself, Yamato confirms to Naruto that it was him while in his beast form who wounded her which leaves the Uzumaki shocked and devastated. Sakura, who is sitting next to him wonders why he would be so concerned about the scarf.

When a misled Sai promptly calls Sakura "Ugly", she tries to attack him; Naruto holds her back, resulting in both Naruto and Sai getting slapped. General Audiences Archive Warning: Naruto was roughly pulled to his feet, still wobbly and on the verge of tipping over.

Please include your IP address in your email. Sakura haruno kiss naruto. Looking at the injury on her arm, he questions her where she got it. Desi nude auntys. During another encounter with Zabuza and finally HakuSakura is shown to worry over the safety of Naruto and the rest of her team.

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