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I finally found a method of testosterone that works inso I have not been on hormones consistently since after first stage of top surgery.

I feel very comfortable. If you criticize, make it constructive criticism. Chat bot sexy. What's Your Hottest Fantasy? So I understand the caution. I am super happy I went to Dr Crane and could not recommend him and his staff more! But sensation so far at 3 months for me is pretty dam awesome. Ftm post op bottom. I exchanged a few emails with the mods after being rejected. Thanks for the update. I am however considering a very minor revision on one of my testicles which I will explain in my next post.

I have heard--it's a tough call though. This is clearly not ideal but is unavoidable until surgery becomes more standardized and widely available. Fuck girls clip. Thanks for your help: Log in or sign up in seconds. Ftm post op bottom. Penile Implant — hydraulic.

How did you pay for the surgery?

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Add in that I came from a less than wealthy family What should we call you? During Stage One surgery, while one surgeon is constructing the neophallus, a second surgeon prepares the recipient site simultaneously and a third prepares the skin graft for the Stage Two Step One urethroplasty.

But the problem is that when persons with this are sexually aroused, they have abundant secretion and a lot of wetting. Www giantessworld net. Already have an account? Patient V Outside forearm 6 month post-op RF donor site with tattoo. The MLD flap gets an excellent blood supply because of a large and reliable subscapular artery and its two branches, the circumflex scapulae and thoracodorsal artery, as well as two concomitant veins which join to form a single large thoracodorsal vein.

Other considerations include personal and family health history. Subreddit Rules Be polite and practice mutual respect. Regular Threads Daily Discussion: Kamol both offer private, on-site recovery accommodations for Top Surgery patients.

For double incision patients, Dr. Ftm post op bottom. Regardless, the doctors must always be prepared and responsibility shifted from the patient preparing for the surgery to the doctors solving the problem of unprepared patients. Can I get Top Surgery?

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