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Female muscle stories

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The view of them made her instantly proud and feeling truly superhuman, as she walked towards them, passing several 10 liter tanks of her special protein and vitamins concentrate. Vintage ladies nude. Then, as she passed by a lamp post, she gripped it with superhuman force, tore it out of the concrete and then proceeded to bend it in two, all of it while still strutting sexily.

She sounded a bit nervous about a new girl abusing the new custom equipment they ordered for Shannon and the fact that she got installed some of her own, with a sudden phone-call approval from the gym's owner. Female muscle stories. The women are enormous, very strong, very hairy and very agressive, their men are much smaller. FP 32 Recent Deviations Featured: August 30, Not due to pain or weakness but due to the state of bliss she was in. Above it, only 5 glowing goddesses remained.

She could be a human Jessica Rabbit, if the cartoon girl would have been heavily into super-bodybuilding. Racked with guilt and blaming herself for being unable to do anything to help them she trains to be a great warrior and for the next 10 years she trains to be a great warrior her training involves bench-pressing a large boulder leg-extention with a wild boar and. Jenny's expression morphed into pure determination as she once again summoned obscene amounts of strength.

Female muscle stories

Shannon gave them all that, and then some. In under a minute the machine was being completely outpowered. Bondi beach topless girls. Her pulsating torso's V shape was even more pronounced than before and her back muscles were mind-blowing. Female muscle stories. Jenny's angelic voice had become almost too much for her to handle.

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Written in 3 hours, hope you like Session Sister 6.

I can't understand why you don't just start up your own site Al. Hamster x porn mobile. September 19, But it was Shannon the shocked one as she found the chauffer girl smiling even harder and curling the whole limo for pumps, with just one arm, which has exploded through her uniform's sleeve.

Jenny's eyes really started to glow; there was no doubt about it. It is in my opinion, one of my stories most heavily driven by character development. Female muscle stories. Just the day before most of the huge area of the gym was empty. So she stood up with Adele's legs firmly gripped around her waist, and spread her arms to their full extent at her sides. I shall get them up during the course of the week.

By now the 4 ultra-powered girls acted as one, like proud royal guards of a queen that would never need any guarding, always ready to worship her at the slightest sign. Which showed off a very tightly packed, thickly, ripped, muscular bubble shaped ass.

Mia and Maya had drank 2 barrels each, Adele almost 3 and Shannon had managed to chug down 5 of them, under the amazed eyes of the rest of the girls, only to be surpassed by Jenny, that completely crushed down and dried 10 of the barrels, stopping only because she wanted to go on with her fun, rather than having met some kind of physical limit, like the rest of the girls did. The sound of the liquid splashing inside the tank was a clear sign that the level of it was decreasing dramatically in a matter of seconds.

Feedback as always please!! Jenny's hands were a blur, impossible to follow, that was obliterating the metal altogether. Many of the best sites with original work are pay-sites. Monsters of cock free pics. The twins got surprised by Shannon's arms speed, size and power, as she managed to grip and lift the 3 heavy girls at once. Jenny's continued battering of her special punching cylinder was providing more than enough energy to keep the whole gym trembling.

Please send us more pics to add Maks Biceps Girls.

Could it be a secret lab where mad scientists dream up ways to create superior humans? If the actress is buff it is usually made a deal out of. I shall get them up during the course of the week. Hundreds if not thousands of different writers have worked on the characters involved in an official capacity.

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Locked Topic Sticky Topic Poll. Juiced Written and edited by Amnoartist Chapter 4: Basically, if there is a particular aspect of FMG stories that you enjoy, you can search for that aspect by category here. Chat bot sexy. She held her other arm out to the side and raised and lowered her forearm. Get caught up with this extensive The Story So Far: And countless more have used them in all forms of fanfiction and other creative endeavors, such as this one. October 03, , Read some of the golden oldies from the old site. It may not be immediately apparent, but this is a work of fiction.

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Brazzers free watch Winner will be announced at the end of the month, so you have until then to get your votes in. She gets her first armwrestle Jenny's Diary. You can buy this story here:
I want to fuck for free As I sat behind my drafting table in my den finishing up the new electronic project that I had spent three months in Japan getting off the ground, through the wall that separated my den from my wife's and daughter's new home gym, I could hear the loud sound of clanging metal and female grunting as Jacqueline and Tiffany worked out hard lifting their weights.
Free porn videos and websites Shannon felt like she could have exploded right there. Sep 25 th , at 4: The area of the cylinder where Jenny was punching it was glowing red hot, liquid metal spraying out from it, covering the floor with ambers that kept burning for a while.

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